Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is a great season to get a good tan, go to the beach and have your fill of activities. However, it can get really hot sometimes, especially when you’re in places like Qatar and the Middle East. Unfortunately, you can’t just stay in your air-conditioned room all day like a hermit, right? So don’t let the heat put you down. You can still have fun, get fit and keep the summer heat away by using some clever tricks. Check out these tips to keep you cool this summer.

Level up your water
There’s nothing like drinking a cold glass of water to quench your thirst. Add some ice, and it’s like Antarctica just visited your mouth for a few seconds. Of course, you want the cool feeling to linger, right? But ice cubes melt and even the warmth of your hand can easily temper a cold glass. Here’s a neat trick: place mint sprigs on you glass or a pitcher of water. Mint has menthol, a natural chemical, which tricks the brain into perceiving its cold and helps prolong the cold effects of foods, even though in reality the temperature is the same. That’s why when you chew gum, which has menthol, it is not cold but gives off a cooling sensation when you chew it. Awesome summer science.

Go light and technical
Despite the heat, you really need to get your fitness fix. But it’s hard to stay focused when it seems like you’re in a sauna. It could be dangerous too! Since too much sweat could cause slips and other accidents. What’s the best way to keep cool while working out, doing sports or doing outdoor activities? One is to choose shoes with breathable materials. Such shoes are typically lightweight and made from porous yet durable materials to provide good airflow as you move. If you’re not familiar with such shoes, I suggest you try Reebok shoes. Besides the said features, Reebok shoes, which can be conveniently bought at an online shop, have outsoles with good grip to prevent slips.

On the other hand, when it comes to summer fitness, its best to avoid cotton cloths. Despite its light and soft features, cotton soaks up moisture too well. You can be left soaking in your own sweat and uncomfortable while working out. Choose technical wear with sweat-wicking properties. This features allows the clothes to channel sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry, while letting it evaporate at the clothes’ front, effectively cooling you off in the process. Another great thing about technical clothes is their trendy design which makes them suitable as lifestyle wear, as well.

Avoid ice cream… as well as these other foods and drinks
Summer seems so sad without ice cream, but dietitians recommend staying away from ice cream and other sugary foods when it’s hot. This is because ice cream, doughnuts, candy bars, sweet breads and similar foods are usually high processed foods. And believe it or not, these foods are dehydrating and their high but simple carbohydrate content can keep your body warm. Don’t worry, to curb your summer ice cream cravings just read on…

Reach for that fruit basket
Thirsty? Eat a fruit. Those four words may not make sense to most people, but there are certain fruits which have a high water content that can quench your thirst when you eat them. Watermelons, for instance, have a water per volume content of over 90 percent. So do strawberries (bet you didn’t know that). Pineapples, oranges, melons and cucumbers (yes, cucumbers are fruits!) also have high water content. Place them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or more before eating them for a nice cooling effect. And yes, you can puree fruits and make them into sorbet to curb your ice cream craving.

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Tackle the Termite of Monotony That Is Hollowing Our Strength

Monotony rules where there is lack of variety and interest. It not only snatches away the flavor of life but devoid us from relishing the sweet giggly moments as well. A tedious routine or any repetitive activity leaves behind nothing but a passive mind and a fettered soul. Being mechanical, we become oblivion to the beauties of nature, and all bestowed blessings. Not only, we neglect the people around but our own precious selves. Novelty and creativity seems to be superseded by robotic servility, what remains behind is not an energetic entity but only a heap of flesh and blood without spirit. Therefore, it is time to break up from uniformity and replenish with a boost of vitality in order to meet the challenges of life.

There are a number of ways to fight it out. I always suggest music of one’s own taste as an immediate recourse or a few moments of solitude away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Venture of your choice or some time for your own self is a way to fortify the crumbling strength. Forget about every burden and think only of, whatever or whoever makes you happy. Break or rest is necessary to regain the lost spark and spirit. A well -planned and mutually agreed upon weekend trip always proves to be a great boost for the victim of monotony. Hindrances in such planning are the budget as well as the right destination, which may prove to be a treat for everyone. Such difficulties can be overcome by proper information available on different websites. Distance from the dull and hectic routine and spending some happy moments with the loved ones always remove deadliness.

At times, a few changes in the interior d├ęcor bring a fresh breeze of air to our mind through eyes. It does not mean replacing the whole old lot with the new one but only a few thing will do. Sometimes switching of some articles or furniture can be equally useful, if it has done keeping in view the comfort of family.

Change is the key weapon against monotony. A variety may help to eliminate this evil, which badly affects our efficiency. Feeling of futility pervades in an uneventful and flat continuous work. The same twenty-four hour spans rust the hidden potential. Confining the human potential to limited jobs is unjust. Learning new skills, exploring the world around, settings up realistic goals, pursuing them with refreshing breaks provide us the opportunity to realize our existence. Productivity makes you happy and helps to repower your brain. Brain thrill or learning something new rejuvenates our static selves. Sparing time for the hobby of your taste or for some creative work is never wastage of time. if you are good at any kind of creative work, no matter how mundane is this,never be reluctant to practice which will serve as a tonic for your withering mind. Life is a journey not a race so cool down and move with a moderate pace enjoying the pleasures of life rather than adhering to stiff and hard robotic routine.

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